People say that eyes are the doors to your soul, what if we swift the attention elsewhere and leaving 2 black holes, would it be easier for us to hide our true self or perhaps the imagination would extend to another level. This is not just a question but an inspiration that I have when I created “Ball Series”, I would like to give a whole new dimension and an experience to audiences to appreciate something different and more naked, naked truth is always the most honest answer. I hope people can see the true value of an image though my work. I hope everyone can think outside the box and enjoy having my work to add into their existing collection.


- NEXT FUTURE TOYS with plzzzzby + inception, Taipei - Taiwan. 2021

- TOYGATHER with Museum of toys, Jakarta - Indonesia. 2021

- ART MOMENT JAKARTA at Art:1 Museum, Indonesia. 2021

- ARTJAKARTA garden, Indonesia. 2022

- ART MOMENT JAKARTA at Art:1 Museum, Indonesia. 2022

- ART JAKARTA, indonesia 2023